• XTeer 4T 10W40

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Product Info

XTeer 4T 10W40 is the most advanced an advanced four-stroke motorcycle engine oil with the latest technology. It will help keep 4-stroke engines running clean protecting even in extreme operating conditions. It is a synthetic motocycle engine oil utilizing advanced technology which helps to provide outstanding engine protection.

Product Features

  • XTeer 4T 10W40 provides maximum shear stability to help resist viscosity shear down in high performance engines and transmissions. It provides enhanced lubrication to help maintain maximum power and acceleration over the life of the engine. It provides excellent low temperature flow characteristics to help minimize engine wear during start-up.

Viscosity & Performance Grade


Product Properties

Product Properties
Division Centistoke, cSt Viscosity index FlashPoint PourPoint
@40℃ @100℃
10W40 114.0 15.97 150 230 -35

※ The above figures are mean value of recent tests. Little gap in figures may occur in the range of maintaining performance.