• XTeer CNG 10W40

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Product Info

XTeer CNG 10W40 is the most advanced CNG engine oil for all CNG engine vehicles with the latest technology. It meets the requirements of advanced engine oil grade of API CF. It is optimized to lubricate a wide range of CNG line engines under severe conditions. The main addictive is mandatory for use CNG applications such as Transit buses, School buses, Refuse trucks, Airport and Inter City shuttles, as well as equipment such as CNG powered street sweepers.

Product Features

  • XTeer CNG 10W40 provides maximum engine protection. It provides maximum engine performance in the toughest conditions. It provides sustained engine durability.

Viscosity & Performance Grade

  • API CF / CES 20074 / DDC 93K216

Product Properties

Product Properties
Division Centistoke, cSt Viscosity index FlashPoint PourPoint
@40℃ @100℃
10W40 107.0 15.26 150 236 -42.5

※ The above figures are mean value of recent tests. Little gap in figures may occur in the range of maintaining performance.