Automotive Lubricants

XTeer Gasoline Ultra Efficiency 0W20


XTeer GASOLINE Ultra Efficiency is formulated from synthetic technology base oil, which meets the requirements of current advanced engine oil grade of


  • Package Size
    • 1L
    • 4L
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  • Features/Benefits
    • 1It provides higher fuel efficiency
    • 2It reduces deposit and sludge in turbocharged engines by more than 50%
    • 3It reduces deposit and sludge in engines and pistons
    • 4It maximizes the engine performance in the toughest conditions
  • Applications
    • 1All premium gasoline vehicles
    • 2High performance cars with the latest engine technology
    • 3Suitable for all seasons
  • Certification / Approval / Performance Standard
    • 1API SP
  • Specification
    SAE Grade 0W20
    Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) 44.1
    Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) 8.3
    Viscosity Index 167
    Flash point (℃) 228
    Pour Point (℃) -45
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