Automotive Lubricants

XTeer Tractor Oil


Hyundai XTeer Tractor Oil is formulated with excellent quality base oil technology and lubricant additive package capable of meeting high demanding industry performance specifications and end user expectations.

  • Package Size
    • 20L
    • 200L
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  • Features/Benefits
    • 1Excellent lubricant circulation at low temperature with high viscosity index
    • 2Quiet operation of wet brake, hydraulic systems with low friction.
    • 3Long lifetime of oil because of good shear stability.
    • 4Excellent oxidation and thermal stability.
  • Applications
    • 1Transmission, rear axles and hydraulic systems of agricultural and industrial tractors.
    • 2Construction and other off-road equipments
  • Certification / Approval / Performance Standard
    • 1SAE 80W
    • 2John Deere J20C
    • 3Massey ferguson M-1145, M-1143 M-1141, M-1135
  • Specification
    SAE Grade 80W
    Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) 62.0
    Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) 9.3
    Viscosity Index 128
    Flash point (℃) 242
    Pour Point (℃) -42
    Visual -
    Copper Corrosion (@100℃, 3hr) -